Managing an Insurance Business requires governance.  How can you increase commercial opportunities whilst managing key legal and statutory risks in the Insurance distribution chain?

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Counterparty risk management describes the activities included in researching and onboarding new distribution partners, issuing TOBAs and other documentation, managing relationships once formed, but importantly, continually monitoring legal and regulatory risk throughout the lifecycle of the relationship. It requires a lot of skills, resources and time.

Though many businesses may feel that a one-time check when a distributor is onboarded, it's about more than that. Risks change over time and the potential for regulatory failure is significantly increased if a business doesn't stay on top of them. Streamlining this through automation ensures that insurance businesses can be proactive in managing their distribution channel relationships and simplify the way that they meet legal and regulatory obligations.

The FCA demands >

Under "The principles of good reputation", an insurance business is required to adhere to the principles for businesses, which are their fundamental obligations as set out in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Handbook.

The FCA insist that compentent due diligence checks are maintained on trading counterparties, regardless of territory or jurisdiction, and that a written agreement (Terms of Business Agreement or TOBA) is in place between firms.

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All of your counterparties managed in one place.
Control is no longer an expensive luxury.

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myProducers delivers a simple and effective risk management tool covering the key statutory and legal requirements for the engagement and management counterparties within the insurance distribution chain. All delivered through an on-demand subscription service, with no IT installation costs or delays, you can be up and running immediately. 

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Need a best in class counterparty risk management solution? Counterparty distributor selection along with evaluation, continuous oversight and assessment, is a crucial organisational process.

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BIBA research reveals a 70% increase in costs associated with regulatory compliance. Our research shows that 8.8% of firms initially uploaded to REG by our clients are no longer authorised by the FCA, and 9.4% of firms have credit ratings that indicate a moderate to elevated risk of failure within the next 12 months. This highlights compliance departments' struggle to keep counterparty data up to date.

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myProducers delivers a simple and effective risk management tool covering the key statutory and legal requirements for the engagement and management of distribution channels. All delivered through the award-winning REG Network.

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The REG Network provides global insurance market information and statistics, responding to firms' ever-evolving needs, delivering vital insurance information through a suite of accessible and innovative products and services.

REG Network is an on-demand service that allows regulated businesses to manage, monitor and oversee their supplier and customer relationships, whether they are in the UK or overseas.

From country to country, regulatory and financial information is reported and accessed differently. REG has invested in systems to ensure we can obtain, deliver and monitor this information regardless of territory. Public data is supplemented with data from our in-house statistics team, who is continually sourcing the most recently released official statistics from across the globe.

Use REG Network to structure your relationships to reflect how you do business, putting you firmly in control of your counterparty ecosystem.

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Secure digital document exchange through GDPR compliant execution and retention of business contracts and TOBAs.

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"My word is my bond."
Today data protection is highly regulated. Legal and regulatory requirements mean the back of an envelope is a thing of the past. Data security risks mean that paper trails and email exchanges are no longer acceptable, with version control and document retention bringing further challenges.

myProducers includes a full digital document exchange facility that empowers document offer, negotiation and acceptance to be managed in one secure place.
Making sure your contractual arrangements are up to date, secure and auditable has never been easier.

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API based technology enabling rapid connection of REG data to your other applications.

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It's good to talk.
An API is a software intermediary that enables two applications to talk to each other. Just as REG suite of applications is connected through APIs, our data can be integrated into your systems too. Imagine populating board reports with key management information in beautiful visual reports.
In fact, if you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

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