REG Network 

The REG Network provides global insurance market information and statistics, responding to firms' ever-evolving needs, delivering vital insurance information through a suite of accessible and innovative products and services. 

REG Network is an on-demand service that allows regulated businesses to manage, monitor and oversee their supplier and customer relationships. In the UK, The Financial Conduct Authority insist that competent due diligence checks are maintained on trading counterparties, regardless of territory or jurisdiction, and that a written agreement (Terms of Business Agreement or TOBA) is in place between firms. 

Our cloud-based technology collects data and monitors counterparties globally enabling businesses that trade overseas to manage their agency relationships in one place. 

From country to country, regulatory and financial information is reported and accessed differently. REG has invested in systems to ensure we can obtain, deliver and monitor this information regardless of territory. Public data is supplemented with data from our in-house statistics team, who is continually sourcing the most recently-released official statistics from across the globe.

Use REG Network to structure your relationships to reflect how you do business, putting you firmly in control of your counterparty ecosystem. 

What once took weeks, now takes seconds.


The Old

Spreadsheet-based record keeping

Manual due diligence checks, usually only at inception

Paper based applications and TOBA exchange

Costly, resource intensive periodic audits

Reactive approach to risk mitigation

Limited reporting, checks and controls

The New

Centrally managed cloud-based market utility

Instant & ongoing automated due diligence

Digital TOBA and document exchange with full audit trail

Exception-based monitoring and alerts

Proactive approach to risk mitigation

Full visibility, realtime reporting & 24/7 access 

Connections and TOBA exchange

Issuing TOBAs now takes a couple of clicks

Use the REG Network to create a connected relationship with another authorised firm enabling the exchange of relationship of specific items, including Terms of Business Agreements.

  • Issue, Exchange and Sign documentation digitally
  • Exchange self certification data such as PII, AML, TCF and Anti Bribery statements and policies



Exception-based Risk Monitoring

Take a pro-active approach to risk-mitigation

  • Use dashboards to manage profile changes and developing risks
  • Configure alerts by user, delivered straight to their inbox
  • Assign and record tasks and actions across multiple groups and individuals 
  • Real-time overview of all relationships, all in one place with full audit trail

Instantly create due-diligence profiles

REG technology performs regulatory, legal and financial checks on firms instantly with full access to a log of all system actions, whether user determined or driven by profile changes in counterparty data. Export your data at any time or work with us to integrate your data in real-time with other software.

  • Regulatory Status / Permissions 
  • Credit Ratings and Limits
  • Legal Status and Key Filings
  • Sanctions checks
  • Directors and Approved Persons
  • Data Protections Registrations
  • Politically Exposed Persons

REG Network benefits


man hours

Automate manual repetitive tasks.



Concentrate on what matters.



Productivity will increase.

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