Online Broker Agency Management platform

Whether you have 10 Agencies or 10,000, REG can help you and your Broker's save time, reduce costs and mitigate risk. From simple exception-based monitoring to our comprehensive end-to-end Brokers onboarding and management features. REG offers you everything your business needs to streamline and optimise your counterparty risk management and administration processes.

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What once took weeks, now takes seconds.


REG’s new process not only saves you time, but it also helps cut costs. Man hours are reduced, allowing you to let your workforce concentrate on what matters. The reallocated time means you can operate more efficiently, increasing your productivity and do more business. Find out how else the new process can help your business.

The Old

Excel-based record keeping

Manual and time consuming due diligence checks at Agency inception only

Struggle to keep up with changes to Broker compliance records

Costly and resource intensive periodic Broker reviews

Lengthy application forms, questionnaires and paper-based TOBA exchanges

Reactive approach to risk mitigation

Limited reporting, checks and controls

The New

Centrally managed cloud-based market utility

Instant & ongoing automated Broker due diligence checks across all key compliance areas

Broker records updated automatically from source databases

Exception-based monitoring so risks can be addressed as and when alerted

Digital TOBA and document exchange with full audit trail

Proactive approach to risk mitigation

Full visibility, real-time reporting & access 24/7

Fast Broker due diligence assessments

What once took weeks, now takes seconds

With REG, regulatory and financial checks on new Brokers can be performed instantly, significantly accelerating the Broker onboarding process. Get instant profiles of 75,000+ UK General Insurance Intermediaries.

  • FCA and Companies House statuses
  • Accounts and Confirmation Statements
  • Credit Ratings and Limits
  • Standing data
  • Directors and Approved Persons
  • Appointed Reps and Principals
  • Sanctions checks
  • ICO registration

REG AlertsTM-Exception-based risk monitoring

Take a pro-active approach to risk mitigation

Our software alerts you if the regulatory, financial or risk profiles of your Brokers change. And because it’s in realtime, you can take immediate action.

  • Customise alerts for maximum flexibility
  • Daily alert emails
  • Real-time updates

We help cut costs


man hours

Automate manual repetitive tasks.



Concentrate on what matters.



Productivity will increase.

Connections and TOBA exchange

Issue TOBAs in a couple of clicks

With REG, you issue and sign TOBAs electronically – and track any edits along the way. You can then segment, categorise and store them online, meaning there’s less paper and less fuss.

  • 6700+TOBA’s issued
  • Full audit of changes & edits
  • 54,500+ connections made on REG

Full Broker Management

Broker information, all in one place

Store third party data and documents in one centralised hub. Assign internal Agency identifiers and keep track of your Broker relationships every step of the way.

  • Full audit trail
  • Make notes on individual profiles
  • Store additional compliance documentation
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Benefit from increased efficiency and reduced risk, we help businesses do more

We help satisfy key legal and FCA regulatory guidelines on implementing appropriate systems and controls for oversight of the insurance distribution chain.

Rapid onboarding of new Brokers

Automatic updates of key Broker regulatory and risk data

Exception-based risk monitoring

Manage larger Broker books with fewer resources

Improved new business flows and revenue recognition

Reduced need for paper-based forms and costly Annual Broker Reviews

Reduced bad debts and exposure to risk and regulatory failure

Cost reduction, resource re-allocation, efficiency gains

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Oversight of your International Broker/Producers in one place.

Coming 2018. Get notified when International oversight is live.