We are the UK's only online Broker/Agency & Counterparty Risk Management solution in the General Insurance Market

Our services and innovative, on-demand technology help effortlessly streamline counterparty compliance checks and accelerate agency processes, meaning less of your time is spent on manual compliance checks and more time is spent on what matters. Find out how you can benefit from using REG as a go-to solution for Broker/Agency management compliance.

What once took weeks, now takes seconds.


The challenge of paper-based onboarding, manual checks of the FCA, credit, sanctions, Companies House and ICO, along with TOBA issuing is not only time consuming, but it can end up being a massive cost. Surely there’s a better way? With REG, paper-based processes are a thing of the past as we help you and your Brokers save time, reduce costs and mitigate risk. REG streamlines your counterparty risk assessment and administration processes.

The Old

Reactive approach to risk mitigation

Limited reporting, checks and controls

The New

Proactive approach to risk mitigation

Full visibility, real-time reporting & access 24/7

Online Broker/ Agency Management Solutions

REG understands the manual burden of onboarding new Brokers, the time consuming annual manual reviews - and the fact they’re out of date as soon as the review is finished.

From simple exception-based monitoring to comprehensive end-to-end Broker onboarding, REG offers your everything your business needs to streamline your Broker/Agency processes. Keep all of your records in one place and always be up to date with alerts if your status or data changes - giving you peace of mind.

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International Services

REG’s services are not limited to the UK. The International service is going to overcome some big hurdles. REG does the heavy lifting, eliminating the difficult task in getting up to date International data.

Adopting the service in early 2018 will simplify your International compliance processes, and reduce the time and complexity of completing International regulatory checks and so much more.

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Free Risk Assessment

When did you last carry out a review of your entire counterparty estate list? What percentage of your counterparties are no longer FCA authorised? Request a free Risk assessment report and get an instant snapshot as to the health of your counterparties estate. All we need from you is a list of FCA Registration Numbers (FRNs). If you don’t have the FRNs and only have the counterparty names, we can help you with that.

What makes us different?

REG not only saves you time...

decrease in time spent onboarding new Brokers

reduction in time spent performing on-going due diligence checks & Broker reviews

...but also reduces risk

of Brokers initially uploaded to REG are no longer authorised by the FCA

of Brokers have Credit Ratings that indicate a moderate to high risk of failure within the next 12 months

Why REG?

REG develops services to help firms find a better way to do business, reduce overheads and risk, and increase peace of mind. The quality of our service is backed up by being recognised with multiple awards and having a 99% customer retention rate, proving that once firms innovate how they do things, they don’t go back.

Through our simple to use cloud-based solution, REG reduces the time and cost of regulatory compliance and mitigates the risk of regulatory failure.

The talented team of 30 based in the heart of the insurance industry in London boast over 400 years of aggregate experience in business, insurance and software development.

REG is home to over 3,000 Members with 76% of the top 50 Brokers using the REG solution.

The team are dedicated to driving efficiencies in Broker/Agency Management processes and work closely with you to understand specific business requirements to meet individual and industry-wide compliance needs. But don’t just take our word for it...