Counterparty Risk Solutions
for the Global Insurance Market

The insurance market is complex and ever changing.

Insurance businesses trade with customers, suppliers, markets and vendors creating thousands of relationships that are subject to stringent legal and regulatory requirements as well as creating a range of commercial risks.

Achieving governance and risk management of counterparties spread throughout the world and forming complex distribution chains is a big problem that brings big risks to all market participants.

REG provides smart, intelligent software solutions that solve these complex problems with simple solutions, meeting the varied needs of each and every insurance business.


For Brokers
For MGAs
For Insurance Companies

The REG Network

The REG Network is an on-demand technology that has revolutionised agency management in the insurance market. It enables customers and members to build relationships with their trading counterparties, enabling governance, due-diligence and risk management. 

The REG Network is the 'hub' of all our suites of on-demand features and enables our customers to execute effective governance and compliance with commercial, regulatory and legal requirements.

REG Solutions 

We build enterprise application software, configurable for organisations and capable of integrating with their proprietary systems. 

REG Solutions takes a consultative approach and also undertakes research and intelligence activities to enrich data deliverables to our customers. 

REG Insights 

Accessible to companies of all sizes and types, our software delivers advanced analytics, dashboards and MI reporting. 

Our insights team harnesses the power of data, often reinforced with information from our Network and Solutions, using the latest technology. 

Our aim is to empower our customers to make informed decisions to drive their business forward, improve efficiency, increase profits and achieve organisational goals